When Extending the Biological Clock Becomes Important

There can be hundreds of reasons why a woman would like to wait before having a baby. Time has changed and so has life for women. Women are now more focused on their career and take it as a priority. Having a baby at an early age when she needs to focus more on her career can be disheartening for her to establish herself in her career goals. Women also delay pregnancy as they do not find someone suitable for them at the time they wanted. There can also be other family responsibilities that she has to complete before taking the responsibility of a baby. There are many technologies available today that has made this possible. Women can now postpone pregnancy if they simply don’t want to enter motherhood early in their life. There are a lot of ways to preserve fertility and become a mother as she is prepared for it.

Declining Fertility

If we study historical documents properly we can know about various examples where women have become mother at the age of 37 to 40. Of course, it was not their first child, but the good news is that women can still be mothers at that age. Fertility does not get over instantly. There is a span of time from the year 32 to 37 when a women’s level of fertility begins to drop. The number of healthy eggs decreases in her. Thus, she gets prone to infertility, miscarriage, and genetic disorders such as Down Syndrome.

Technologies Offer Hope

Advanced Medical Technology in the field of infertility treatment allows extending the biological clock for any women. There are multiple options to explore age-related fertility and increase the chances of becoming a mother. These options are:

  • Fertility Drugs
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Donor Eggs
  • Egg Freezing

Oocyte cryopreservation has given a new dimension to store fertility for women. She can choose to freeze her eggs to be thawed and fertilized at a later date. She can store them at the time her fertility levels are high and can use then when she is prepared to embrace motherhood. Vitrification is the most effective way to cryopreserve eggs kept in a small volume of vitrification medium and cooled at an extremely rapid rate. Since the freezing is very fast, there are no chances of formation of ice crystals in the egg. The quality of the eggs remains as healthy as it was till the time it is used. Women prefer to store eggs before cancer treatment as well. Chemotherapy or radiation vastly affects fertility in women. Vitrification can be an effective way to store the fertile egg even before the treatment is initiated. This gives the chance to the woman to become a mother after her treatment procedure is over. Career-oriented women also choose the same option and embrace motherhood at a suitable time. Thus, she can establish a balance between her work life and family life which is very important in this era.

When to See a Fertility Specialist

All the methods of freezing are carried out under the guidance of an expert physician. Whenever you think of freezing your fertility, you can contact Beta Plus Fertility to offer you the best possible ways to achieve your goal of extending the biological clock.

It is vital for every woman, or rather every couple hoping for pregnancy to see a fertility expert if they are not being able to conceive even after spending six months or more having unprotected intercourse with no success. We invite you to consult our physician and find out the cause of such infertility and prescribe the best possible way of action to you.