Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA)

In cases of male infertility, zero sperm count, or ejaculation difficulties, our clinic can offer the TESA Procedure, an efficient and reliable sperm retrieval treatment. This procedure allows our specialist urologists to retrieve the male’s sperm and move forward with your program of choice, such as those including IVF/ICSI. The sperm aspiration procedure is performed by our skilled, professional urologists typically the morning of egg retrieval, though it may also be performed one day prior to allow for in-vitro maturation of the sperm. Your doctor will make the best decision to achieve the highest possible success rate with the procedure.

Who Can Benefit from TESA?

Testicular Sperm Aspiration is an ideal solution for male patients that have undergone certain medical procedures (e.g. obstructive azoospermia or vasectomy) that would otherwise prevent them from reproducing but have now decided they would like to have children. It is also a successful fertility solution for many men that have faced medical problems, such as infertility, zero sperm count, or ejaculation difficulties, which may impact their ability to have a child on their own now or in the future.

An Efficient In-Office Procedure

If you and your doctor should decide that TESA is the right solution for you, the procedure is simple and efficient when performed by an experienced professional like those on staff at Beta Plus Fertility. We will start with a patient assessment to determine your eligibility for a successful TESA treatment. During this assessment, we will take a look at your hormones to see how they might be affecting your sperm. If our medical professionals determine you are eligible for treatment, you will then schedule an appointment to come into our office where we will perform the TESA procedure.

TESA as Part of Your Fertility Program

TESA is often recommended as part of Beta Plus Fertility’s fertility programs for couples attempting to start or grow their families, but that are facing certain medical struggles such as male infertility. With TESA, our skilled medical professionals and urologists can recover the males’ sperm, which may then be used for other procedures like Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). Whether the procedure is performed the morning of egg retrieval or one day prior will be determined by your doctor to obtain the best results and a successful pregnancy.

Our High Success Rates

Because of the processes we have in place to ensure that fathers undergoing the TESA treatment have the best chances for success, we are proud to say that we have never failed to receive sperm and create a successful pregnancy as a result. By assessing the father’s hormones before recommending him for treatment, we start with a better outlook than we would otherwise. We then follow through with expert skill and expertise to obtain high success rates in our programs for you and your loved one, helping you achieve your parenting dreams. With the highest quality care, we attribute our successes to the highly accomplished and experienced urologists we have on our team here at Beta Plus Fertility.