Options for Building Your Family through Donors & Surrogacy

Our goal at Beta Plus Fertility is to work towards making your dream come true of having a baby. We are one of the leading infertility treatment practices that were designed for patients using egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, or surrogacy (gestational carrier) to build their family. Our egg donation program is exclusive for the patients who come to us with a complaint of infertile or unhealthy eggs. Our team of fertility experts and reproduction Consultants researches every complexity of the donor and surrogacy treatment and manage every case with utmost care.

There can be multiple ways to combat infertility issues and become pregnant. Technological advances in the field of infertility treatment have opened new doors where intended parents can have a new ray of hope. Fertility drugs have evolved a long way and now can be used without any significant side effects. They are effective in treating long-term infertility in both men and women. We have been conducting our studies in the field of appropriately diagnosing the real reason for infertility in anyone. Any treatment prescribed after completely understanding the reason behind the failure of natural pregnancy is more effective. It shows greater results within a short frame of time. Let us understand the option that is with us to contribute to your journey of parenthood:

Using an Egg Donor

And egg Donor provides you fertile eggs to complete your journey towards achieving successful a successful parenthood. Our in house egg donation program helps you to choose the desired egg donor and proceed towards utilizing her eggs. You can also choose your own egg donors from anyone of your relatives or friends. We take every patient of ours to the extensive list of egg donors that we have working with us. Intended parents can go through the list and shortlist a suitable one as per the criteria as they have fixed for their child. Our team members and staff psychologists are working in this field for many years now and the experienced in offering you the best guidance. Our egg donor candidates are all medically and psychologically prescreened to make it easy for the intended parents. They can go to the database that we have at our center and select an egg donor as per their desired ethnicity, education, or physical appearance.

You can have the option of both fresh donor egg and frozen donor egg at our center. Frozen eggs are equally fertile as fresh eggs and can be used to utilize the time already lost in previous treatment cycles. This is also money-saving for couples who are concerned about the finances, which we believe every intended couple is and should be.

Using a Sperm Donor

Very similar to the process of egg donation, Beta Plus Fertility offers you successful program of sperm donation to build your family. Intended parents can choose donor sperm through a licensed cryobank or they can even try someone they already know. Sperm donors working with us have been taken through extensive medical and psychological screening prior to the donation. Intended parents are given the opportunity of selecting their egg donor after considering the physical characteristics, ethnicity, and educational background.

Using a Surrogate or Gestational Carrier

Surrogacy (gestational carrier) is one of the popular ways to become a mother for all those women who are not able to carry the mature embryo in their wombs. Women who have faced miscarriages previously due to the weak uterus can choose surrogacy. Surrogate mothers serve as a gestational carrier and rent their womb to the intended parents. Experts at Beta Plus Fertility offer emotional, psychological, and financial counseling during this process and help you to complete the process successfully with thoughtful guidance and compassionate support.