After several unsuccessful trials and failed IVF cycles, we found Beta Plus Fertility Clinic . We required doctors with high skills and experience- but moral support and emotional assistance was also so important as we felt morally devastated from multiple failures . Dr. Tamta and Beta Plus Fertility team provided all of this and so much more! One successful embryo transfer change our lives. We are grateful beyond words for being pregnant.

I and M from Georgia

The caring attitude of all of the staff at Beta Plus Fertility Clinic made all the difference to me. Everything is very organized so the patient is never left wondering what will happen next. I was assigned my own Doctor Tamta and Patient Coordinator , Keti . Both of these women were brilliant. They kept me well informed and genuinely cared about me as a person. I would recommend Beta Plus Fertility Clinic to anyone going through infertility.

N and K from UK

The infertility treatment isn’t easy, mostly It ’s difficult with a lot of tears and disappointments. In our case, we had two IVF’s without a positive outcome. It helped us to have Doctor Tamta always on call for us. My nurse Lia did the same, always making sure I was doing well .They made us feel that support is key when a couple needs to do so much in order to become a parent. All these memories are in the past now, we are super-blessed to be pregnant! We will never forget what Beta Plus Fertility and his staff did for us. Our hearts belong to them. We will be forever grateful.\

A and J from USA

We thank Doctor Tamta for our healthy baby boy and everyday and feel so fortunate to have the Beta Plus Fertility Clinic team as part of our lives. This team takes time with all of their patients and continuously shows care and kindness and offers support. We were with other IVF clinics in Georgia prior to finding Beta Plus Fertility Clinic and there is no question that they are the BEST!!

N and L from Sweden