Egg Donation

Egg Donation

Our egg donation program is an ideal solution for parents and couples seeking to either start or grow their family. At every step of your journey with us, you will have access to a caring, empathetic, and dedicated team that is eager to ensure your comfort and safety at all times. As you go through your egg donation program, please let us know if you have questions, concerns, or if there is anything we can do for you and your growing family.

Local and International Egg Donors

Beta Plus Fertility’s fertility clinic has a database of local Georgian egg donors, however, we understand that every family has different wants and needs. If you are in search of a specific fit for your family with an international donor, we are happy to help you find the donor that is right for you. No matter who you choose as the donor for you and your family, you can feel confident that she is well taken care of and corresponds to all medical criteria needed for her involvement in the program. Our goal is to always help you have a healthy little one to take home at the end of your journey with us.

Egg Donation in Georgia

Selecting an Egg Donor

Choosing an egg donor is one of the most critical decisions you, as a parent, will need to make during your program, so we do not take our responsibility to providing you with healthy candidates lightly. Each of our egg donors is required to undergo thorough screening prior to being accepted into our database of local and international egg donors. When it comes time for you to choose your egg donor, you will have access to a number of young, healthy, charismatic, creative, intelligent, and beautiful women that are happy to help you achieve the family you desire. All donors are screened to ensure they:

  • Are in good health and free from STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)
  • Are psychologically healthy
  • Do not smoke or use drugs
  • Have regular periods
  • Understand their role as an egg donor

When it comes time to choose an egg donor, you will be given access to donor profiles to help you make the right decision for you and your family. These profiles include critical information such as photos of the donor, a personal biography, their education information, family and genetic history, and health and reproductive history. 

Exceptional Care for High Success Rates

When you choose Beta Plus Fertility, you can feel confident that your egg donor receives the utmost care and respect throughout the duration of their time in your program. Their dedication to helping you achieve your dream of parenthood deserves nothing less. Every egg donor is encouraged to communicate their needs and wants with us at all times, letting us know what our team can do to make sure she feels safe and comfortable at all times. By ensuring her comfort, health, and safety at every step of the process, we keep our success rates high, and every participating individual happy and satisfied.