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Welcome to Beta Plus Fertility Center

Beta Plus Fertility Center is a fertility clinic that provides IVF, Egg Donor and Gestational Carrier services to couples around the world struggling with infertility. As the only European clinic open and operating in Georgia, we are happy to be able to provide our solutions to the couples with the assistance of our highly professional doctors. When you choose Beta Plus Fertility, you are choosing a team of qualified professionals that offer more than just IVF services. We offer compassionate help, and the promise of a new baby to call your own.

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About Our Clinic

Highly Qualified Specialists

Highly Qualified Specialists

Each of our doctors is highly skilled and qualified, with more than 10 years of experience in infertility and IVF services. They have all received their training in the USA and Europe, to be able to provide you with the highest quality care.

We Provide All Types of Fertility Solutions

We Provide All Types of Fertility Solutions

Our team is ready and able to help you with your infertility struggles, offering solutions for reproductive difficulties, infertility and other gynecological problems.

Latest High Tech Equipment

Latest High Tech Equipment

At Beta Plus Fertility we work diligently to maintain the most modern, technologically advanced equipment in our facility. By keeping up with consistent technological advances in the IVF field, we can offer parents the highest success rate in the country.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Beta Plus’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

We have a lot of responsibility at Beta Plus Fertility, and we take every aspect of what we do for our patients and families seriously. When it comes to implementing and following through with corporate social responsibility, our team firmly believes that if every company in every field possible could understand its importance as we do, then the world would become a brighter, more loving place for everyone to live and thrive. That is why we firmly stand upon a foundation built from our corporate social responsibility programs.

Free consultations, Free second frozen transfer attempts or discounts are Beta Plus’s corporate social responsibility programs, which has been designed specifically for patients that are experiencing the stress and frustration of financial hardship and previous unsuccessful attempts. We are excited to be able to offer this programs for our families, and we look forward to the opportunity to make dreams come true, including yours. To learn more about our promotions or and other programs we have available, please follow us on Facebook.



Surrogacy is often the last hope for many couples that have been struggling with infertility. At Beta Plus Fertility Clinic, we are able to legally offer surrogacy services to heterosexual couples.

With exceptional surrogate mother care, we have high success rates in our surrogacy programs to give parents the solution they need to finally have the baby they have been waiting for.

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Going Above and Beyond Expectation

At Beta Plus Fertility we believe that, fertility clinic is a holy place that should go above and beyond expectations, every day, to create the miracle of life and start or complete families for those that come to use with hope in their hearts. Even though it is a business, it’s still a sacred one, were we should lend a personal hand to each and every person that comes to us with unparalleled compassion, empathy and trust. That’s why every member of our team holds their responsibility to our patients dear to their hearts to do everything possible to make dreams become reality.

Every person may have their own set of expectations, built from their own unique wants, needs, desires and experiences, that is why we have high standards for each member of our team to do more than simply achieve the goal of the miracle of life with a healthy baby. Instead, we strive to stand out above other fertility clinics by consistently going the extra mile, without putting any stress or burden on our families.
You deserve a team that provides extra services that go beyond simple programs. You deserve empathy and compassion from a team that’s always ready and willing to lend a hand or listening ear. You deserve for your infertility journey to be as easy as possible, with help and guidance at every step of the way. That’s why we are here. That’s why, at Beta Plus Fertility, we embrace all feedback.

Every compliment and every suggestion is a gift from God, enabling us to grow and improve in order to better help all of our families, so please do not hesitate to talk to us at any time and let us know how we can better serve you. Your opinion and absolute satisfaction carry more weight to us than anything else that we do, because at the end of the day your family is what drives us, always.