Fertility Preservation

Fertility Preservation

Modern medical technology has afforded us the capability to help both those that need and those that want to preserve their genetic materials for future use with egg or sperm freezing services. These services were initially developed to allow patients with medical illnesses, such as cancer and other critical diseases, to preserve their eggs or sperm until they are capable of starting or growing their family once they have received the medical attention they need.

Because these patients often undergo treatments that may cause damage to their reproductive function, we are happy to offer our fertility preservation services to store their reproductive cells until the time is right. These same services are also available to those that know they want a child in the future, but are not ready for one now or in the immediate future. These treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, may leave them unable to have the children they desire by negatively impacting their reproductive cells.

While medical advances are helping more and more patients overcome conditions such as cancer, they have the potential to cause lifelong sterility and prevent these patients from ever having their own biological children. Fertility preservation is a way for these patients to ensure their sperm or eggs are safe from harm during treatment so they may be used at a later time, typically once the medical condition has been fully addressed, they have been cured, and they may return to their normal lives. 

Fertility Preservation for Medical Conditions

Many patients that come to us for fertility preservation are concerned they may lose their ability to reproduce and have the child, or children, they desire in the future due to certain medical conditions and their corresponding treatments.

Fertility Preservation for Personal Aspiration

Many married couples and single women know they want to have biological children, but they also know they want to wait until the time is right. They often feel the right time will be after they have achieved their education or career goals, but medical knowledge tells us that female fertility declines with age (especially after age 35) and may cause complications without alternative solutions.
For these patients, we are happy to offer egg and sperm freezing services. These services preserve the genetic materials of one or both parents for future use when they are ready to either start or grow their family.

Egg freezing is a fertility preservation service that freezes a woman’s eggs so she has access to them once her, or her significant other’s, goals have been achieved and they are ready for a child.

Success and Risks of Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is a highly successful solution for many women waiting to have their children until a later time, and the risks are very low when the procedure is performed by an experienced medical professional. The majority of women won’t experience any side effects from egg freezing at all, but those that do may experience symptoms similar to those of PMS, such as minor headache or light cramping. Speak with your doctor prior to the procedure to discuss any concerns you have about this procedure.