Success Rate

Success Rate

Beta Plus Fertility is proud to maintain a high success rate. At over 80 percent, our success rate is one of the best in the infertility field, and we do not take our position and responsibility to our parents lightly.

In part, our success can be attributed to our highly experienced, trained, and skilled medical professionals. With access to the latest and greatest in modern medical technology, they have all the tools they need to be able to provide every patient with the highest chance at success in order to achieve their dream of becoming a parent.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring parents’ comfort, safety, and wellbeing at all times throughout their journey with us, as we understand that a worry and stress-free environment promotes healthy, full-term pregnancies.

Our 80 Percent Success Rate

When it comes to choosing a fertility clinic, we know that every parent wants to feel confident their dreams are going to be realized at the conclusion of their program. That is why we work diligently every day to achieve more and maintain our high success rate. At 80 percent, our success rate can speak for itself, but there’s so much more that goes into making this number possible.

Our team has been built on a foundation of integrity, empathy, and an unwavering dedication to the hopes and dreams of every parent that comes to us for help. We have walked alongside thousands of parents as they overcame their infertility struggles, and we are excited to take your hands in ours as we help you achieve the same.

Your Story, Your Baby

Every story and journey is unique and special, but there’s no denying the one main feeling every parent facing infertility struggles understands — the emotional and financial distress that comes from finding a fertility solution. At Beta Plus Fertility, we believe you should be able to achieve a healthy, successful pregnancy without having to struggle through unnecessary hardships, so we have developed affordable and successful programs that offer you and your loved one a solution that will see a baby in your loving, deserving arms. It’s your story and your baby.

Guaranteed Programs

We are so confident in our success rates that we are able to offer every parent and partner agencies one of our Guaranteed Programs. These programs are ideal for parents that have already experienced the heartache of miscarriage or unsuccessful attempts and need a solution that guarantees they will finally have a baby to call their own. To provide you with exactly that, Beta Plus Fertility created programs that eliminate much of the emotional and financial burden that is typically associated with fertility treatment.

These programs give parents the peace of mind they need to know that their dreams of parenthood will finally be realized with just one established financial investment and access to an unlimited number of IVF attempts until they have a baby in their arms. We’ll keep working with you nonstop until you finally get the child you’ve been craving for years.