Healthy Lifestyle and Fertility

Health and fertility go hand in hand. As a matter of fact, there is no surefire trick to guarantee your fertility. However, you can enhance your chances by adopting a lifestyle that adds values likelihood that you will conceive and maximize your chances for success. Reckless living can lead to chronic infertility which can be difficult to treat and overcome. There is a great relationship between how healthy you live your life if and the level of fertility in you. A lot of bad habits may have a harsh effect on your fertility. It takes a lot of self control, self discipline and motivation to live a healthy life and proceed towards the goal of parenthood.
Here are some of the vital tips that we have presented for you to have a better journey towards fertility.

Quitting Smoking: Smoking is highly disturbing. It is not only toxic for you to lose levels of fertility, but also damages your personal relationship with the people you live with. You wonder why? It’s simply because smoking does not only kill you from inside, but also have a very harsh effect on the people who are around you and inhaling the smoke that you exhale. If you are on your fertility treatment, then it becomes vital for both the partners to quit smoking as it decreases your chance of getting pregnant and increases your chances of having a miscarriage. As a matter of fact, second hand smoking has a similar reduction in the chance of pregnancy and decreases ovarian reserve.

Limiting Caffeine Consumption: We advice intended parents to limit caffeine consumption for best results. Huge intake of caffeine during being on fertility treatment might affect or delay the results.

Avoiding Consuming Alcohol: Alcohol consumption during fertility treatment vastly decreases the pregnancy rate. It also increases chances of miscarriage and successful child delivery. Alcohol increases the complications in pregnancy and sometime leads to do not getting pregnant even after all the treatment and therapies.

Eating Well: It is important to have a balanced diet that is full of proper supplements to improve fertility for both men and women. Every meal should include plenty of fruits and vegetables, less red meat, no trans-fats and lots of “healthy” fats. Water should be taken at regular intervals to keep the system hydrated. Regular intake of water also accelerates the digestive procedure and helps to detox the body.

Dietary Supplements: Apart from this, quality prenatal vitamins are also recommended by doctors during this time which are highly beneficial for the intended mothers. Dietary supplements can also be taken as per the doctor’s advice.

Healthy Weight: Obesity is a prime factor that can decreases a woman’s fertility. At the same time it increases the chance of miscarriage and premature birth. It can add on to the various associated risks for the baby and also risk the baby’s survival even after successful delivery. Hence, would-be-mothers should maintain a healthy weight and eat in correct measures.

Reducing Stress: Dealing with not having a child and simultaneously struggling to treat the fertility issues can be quite stressful for any couple. Many less of us actually are aware of the fact that having too much stress or anxiety can reduce and affect your fertility to a greater extent. Our wellness partners at Beta Plus Fertility help you combat the stress and take an equal share of it. We guide on techniques to have relief from depression, anger, and anxiety.


The journey of being and incapable couple to have children naturally to bring your bundle of joy home is quite a difficult one. You need serious people to be with you throughout this journey so that you can get the correct guidance all the time. Apart from getting the right treatment, maintaining a correct lifestyle is equally important. Leading a healthy lifestyle increases and accelerates your chances of getting pregnant faster. It also assures successful delivery and the healthy baby.