Tips for your Fertility Jounrney

No two people on this earth have the same fertility issue and the exact same journey as the process to become parents. Whether a couple does has male infertility issues or female infertility issues, or maybe both, there is a treatment for each one of them. Technological advancement in the field of infertility treatment has made it possible to offer a wide range of treatments to achieve a pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. All it requires is the right awareness and motivation to see the fertility expert at the right time. At Beta Plus Fertility we have emphasized on the fact that treatment at the right time plays a vital role in the success of the treatment. Hence, we make it a point to aware people of the type of infertility they are facing and probably are yet not conscious about it.

Right Treatment Plan for You

In addition to meeting the doctor at the right time, it is also important to finalize the right treatment plan towards achieving fertility.
We make it a point to take care of all your specific medical needs, emotional comfort, and financial situation and ultimately offer you the best. Our support coordinators communicate the risks of benefits of every procedure and educate with the available options.

Our Treatment Options Include:

  • Fertility drugs with intercourse
  • Fertility drugs combined with IUI
  • Fertility drugs combined with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
  • Surrogacy

We help you to learn the pros and cons of every procedure before you chose any of them suitable for you.

Egg Donation: Egg donation is a promising procedure that helps a woman who is unable to get pregnant using her own eggs. Even after such ability, egg donation fulfills her desire to carry and give birth to a baby. Women can choose their own family member or friends for the purpose of seeking egg. At the same time, she can seek out an anonymous egg donor available in the fertility centers. Apart from this, frozen eggs can be used for the same purpose. These are the eggs available with the fertility center that are taken from egg donors and stored properly for future use. Hence, for women having low-quality eggs have a lot of other options to carry and give birth to a baby.

Embryo Donation: Embryo donation is a new way to build a family. Infertile couples may receive (adopt) embryos from another donor family. This will help them achieve pregnancy and child delivery.

Gestational Carriers (Surrogacy): Surrogacy is a unique procedure, beneficial for all those women who have inefficiency to carry and deliver a baby. A surrogate mother, who is not genetically connected to the intended parents, is hired to carry the gestation in her womb and deliver it after the successful completion of the pregnancy.

The Emotional Journey of Parenthood

The journey of being an infertile couple until reaching parenthood is a crucial one. This is both for men and women. This is a phase that comes with a lot of depression, anxiety, and constant dilemma. Taking the right decision to have the correct control over the process becomes difficult for the intended parents while they are still struggling with the insensitive comment of their society.

A supportive physician and an experienced therapist can be the best help during this time. Apart from getting the correct infertility treatment, yoga, acupuncture, body massages and other integrated holistic care help the intended parent focus on their physical and mental well-being. Thus, they can successfully complete the journey of achieving parenthood and fill their family with all the joy they deserve.