Our Doctors

IVF Doctors in Georgia, Tbilisi

Eka Urushadze

General Director, Doctor

Eka was graduated from Tbilisi Medical University and obtained her license in Pediatrics. She pursued her further studies in Health Care Management and Economy and obtained Master’s Degree.

Eka was managing Director of different hospitals in Tbilisi including one of the reputable Pediatric Hospital. She supervised all areas, including physicians, health information technicians, nursing, medical records, quality and more.

At Beta Plus Fertility, Eka manages professional and administrative staff, manages recruitment, development and appraisal of staff; oversees day-to-day management including quality control, success rate monitoring, customer satisfaction and customer service monitoring. Develops and implements policies and directives;

Eka is highly empathetic and caring person and each successful parent means a lot for her.

Tamta Tsaava

Chief IVF Doctor, Gynecologist, Reproductologiest

+995 598355155

Tamta has graduated with honors from Tbilisi State Medical University and started her medical career at Zhordania Institute of Human Reproduction. She underwent multiple trainings and has more than 10 years of experience in In Vitro Fertilization. Tamta is specialized in infertility in male and female, third party assisted reproduction ( Egg Donation and Surrogacy programs), gynecological endocrinology, conservative gynecology, menopause and pre-menopause, contraception, miscarriage risk management and treatment.

Her dedication to her duties, high performance level, outstanding problem solving and risk management skills, perfect information delivery, open and fair interpersonal communications makes cooperation with her on any subject comfortable, easy and reliable in all respects.

Languages- Georgian, Russian, English

Valeri Tokarev

Embryologist, PGD/ PGS Specialist

Valeri has graduated from National Medicine University in Kiev, Ukraine. He successfully practices embryology since 2010. Veleri is specialized in all modern reproductive technologies such as IVF, ICSI, PICSI, IMSI, laser hatching, PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis), vitrification (freezing) sperm or oocyte and embryos, embryo transfer. All the time he has visited international conferences , improves skills and collaborates with European embryologists.

During his career he has lead three laboratories and was senior embryologist in famous IVF clinics in Ukraine. Besides, he underwent many ISO courses “Requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories ISO 17025:2017”.

His main conviction is, that embryological laboratory is like a first cradle and it has to be irreproachable!

Natia Demetradze

Pregnancy Care Doctor, OBG

Doctor Natia was graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University and got numerous trainings at famous Medical Centers. She has more than 10 years of experience in Pregnancy Care and Gynecology. Before Beta Plus Fertility Clinic, she has been working in prestigious clinics and delivery hospitals in Georgia.

At Beta Plus Fertility Clinic Doctor Natia is in charge of pregnant patients. Since she is specialized in management of risky and complicated pregnancies, we feel relived, that via Doctor Natia’s help we will manage to diminish risks and ensure full term deliveries. Natia deals with our pregnant patients, their Ultrasound scans and successfully manages all of our pregnant patients including the ones with high risk pregnancies.

High professionalism, communication and patient care skills; attention to details; confidence, empathy, being humane, respectfulness and thoroughness are qualities what makes Doctor Natia very valuable member of our clinical staff.

Maka Ratiani


Maka was graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University. Besides her medical license, she holds master’s degree in Health Care Management and Finance. Maka was Health Claims Analyst in Insurance Company. Later on she joined Georgia’s one of the big Medical Hospital as a Manager.

At Beta Plus Fertility Clinic Maka manages clinic staff and oversees day-to-day management operations. She evaluates and coordinates programs in an accurate manner, from business and customer perspective. More importantly, she focuses on patient satisfaction and always keeps an extra eye to ensure patients are well taken care of and their experience with us is smooth and successful.

Sophie Gabriadze

Patient Coordinator

Sophie was graduated from Tbilisi Medical University and pursued her further studies in Tallinn, Estonia where she had obtained Master of Science Degree in Healthcare engineering. After her return from Estonia, Sophie has started work at Ministry of Health Care as a Health care expert were she had developed her further practical skills and knowledge.

As Patient Coordinator at Beta Plus Fertility, Sophie manages and coordinates new inquiries from future parents as well as from partners. Her empathetic and charismatic personality enables her to provide support and guidance in a way to ensure patients’ satisfaction. Sophie answers initial questions in great details, introduces available treatment options and handles communication for the final agreement. Sophie is your primary contact when you start to consider carrying out your fertility treatment with us.

Sofio Bojgua

Doctor, Gynecologist Pregnancy Care Doctor

Sofio has graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University and started Master Internship and Residency for Obstetrics and Gynecology at the State Medical Academy in Ukraine. She returned to Georgia in 2012 and started work at Gagua Clinic and the New Vision University Hospital. Member of the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology and European Society for Medical Oncology she underwent multiple training’s and preceptorships. Her main fields of interest are conservative gynecology, pregnancy management and treatment, oncogynecology, laparoscopic surgery. Sofio is working on her dissertation on Cellular (genetical) specificity of HPV induced tumor diseases of women’s reproductive system.
Dedication to stay on top of the new achievements along with strong work ethic and great communication skills makes working with Sofio a pleasurable experience for patients as well as for colleagues.

Ekaterine Gabashvili

Junior Doctor, Gynecologist

Ekaterine was graduated with honors from Tbilisi Medical University. Besides her studies, she worked as an assistant in various medical institutions and has gained lots of practical knowledge.

At Beta Plus Fertility, Ekaterine is actively involved in fertility diagnostic as well as deals with pregnant patients. She verifies patient information by interviewing patient; records medical history; confirms purpose of visit. Prepares patients for examination by performing preliminary tests and reports patient history summary.

“We were truly impressed with Ekaterine’s compassionate, understanding, competent and committed personality” Saying our patients.

Nino Natsvlishvili

Doctor Radiologiest

Doctor Nino was graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University. She is a certified rediologiest and holds required lisence along with 5 years experience in Hospital sector. At Beta Plus Fertility Clinic Doctor Nino provides an  Ultrasound scans and successfully manages IVF and pregnant patients.
High professionalism, communication and patient care skills; attention to details; confidence, empathy, being humane, respectfulness and thoroughness are qualities what makes Doctor Nino very valuable member of our clinical staff.

Lela Tsalugelashvili

Junior Doctor

Lela was graduated from Tbilisi State University. Besides her studies, she worked as an assistant in various research programs at medical institutions in Georgia as well as in ULM university clinic in Germany. She gained the practical experience in various leading clinics, has assisted many qualified doctors and was actively involved in many clinical researches.
At Beta Plus Fertility Lela is actively involved in diagnostics, medical history records, prepares patients for examination by performing preliminary tests and reports patient history summary.

Ketevan Paikidze

Junior Doctor, Obstetrician-Gynecologist

Ketevan was graduated from Tbilisi state medical University and continued further studies in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Belarus. Besides her studies, she has gained practical experience in various medical institutions in Tbilsi as well as in CIS countries. 
At Beta Plus Fertility, Ketevan successfully manages our pregnant patients and prepares them for different examinations and procedures. 

Lia Matsaberidze

IVF Nurse

Lia has recently joined the Beta Plus Fertility Clinic as an experienced IVF Nurse.
Growing up in Georgia , Lia was graduated from Tbilisi State University as a certified Nurse. She has more than 14 years of experience in Nursing in Fertility Clinics.
Throughout her career she has worked in an emergency care nursing, postpartum nursing, Labor and Delivery, until she joined Neoest IVF Clinic in Georgia, were she worked more then ten years.
“This is a very stressful process full of anxiety for the patients. I want to make things smoother and aim to help them be better informed and describe what lies ahead. It helps lessen their anxiety level and assists the patients to make better choices, which at the end helps with a positive outcome.”

Lia is very caring person and loves to take care on patients, Egg donors and Surrogate mothers. She visits them at home to ensure trigger shots are done at right time and success is not put at risk.

Brian Yaden

Manager of Intended Parents from USA

Brian was graduated from Florida International University with honours and has been a guest speaker and participated in numerous fertility conferences since 2010, when he and his family began their own surrogacy journey, and has become internationally recognised expert in the field. Brian began helping many other intended parents with their surrogacy journeys as well, providing advice and guidance related to international surrogacy. In 2014, Brian was blessed with the birth of his daughter Patricia, born in Thailand, thanks to their amazing surrogate. Brian is our valued team member and exclusive authorized U.S. Representative for Beta Plus Fertility Clinic.

Ketevan Shioshvili

Nurse Assistant

Ketevan  serves as a medium between patients and nurse and doctors and records and communicates all issues to medical staff. Throughout her career, she served as a nurse assistant in various big hospitals and has great experience in medical assistance field.

At Beta Plus Fertility Clinic, Ketevan cleans and sanitizes patient areas, collects information and treatment plans from nurse and doctors, ensures safety regulations are followed and sanitary and hygiene norms are safeguarded. She has great personality and greets everybody with smile, warmth and genuine care.

Irakli Khvichia

Logistics Manager/Driver

Irakli as the valuable team member at the Beta Plus Fertility Clinic, is in charge of planning, implementing and overseeing supply chain operations. He Ensures all the assets and supplies are used efficiently. Apart to his main responsibility of being the Logistics Manager, Irakli also serves as a driver at the Beta Clinic. He welcomes incoming patients and partners for their complimentary ride from airport to the clinic. Irakli always Interacts with patients in a professional manner with excellent record of customer satisfaction.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian.